IoT Workshop (CHOKO)


The workshop focuses on teaching IoT from basics. It covers basic to intermediate level of developing an IoT product.

  • You’ll be getting familiar with the process of product development which includes ideation, engineering, prototyping and fabrication. In short, complete product design cycle.
  • You’ll be learning the basics of electronics and networking which are the foundation of any IoT platform.
  • Hands on session where you’ll build an IoT product from scratch and program it.

Certificate by Design Innovation Centre, University of Delhi.


The workshop will be covering the following topics :

  • Basics of electronic devices.
  • Embedded systems and microcontrollers with examples.
  • Soldering and PCB development.
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things.
  • IoT development with hands on session.
  • Cloud architecture and communication protocols

To download the detailed course click here


You just need a laptop and zest to learn new things. No prior knowledge of IoT or Robotics is mandatory. There will be a lot to learn, no matter what your programming skills are.


Yes, this is a certified workshop organised under Design Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. You’ll be awarded with a certificate of successful completion at the end of the workshop.
Anyone who has a passion to gain knowledge and is interested in learning product development and IoT, is welcome to attend the workshop, no matter what your coding skills are.
Yes, you will get to keep the kit, so you may tinker and customize your device according to your own need.