Product Development

Interactive hands-on session where you'll be building an IoT device from scratch.

What is Choko?
Choko is an IoT device that engages the user in the intriguing process of product development. It comes along with a web app, which is used to interface the device and build over it. It makes the users familiar with the basics of electronics, IoT and coding with hands on activities and interactive sessions.
Chat Emoticons/Emojis
Let choko be your emoticon display and you can also convert it into a chatbot.
Program custom scenarios according to your need using Choko's Webapp.
Custom Animations
Design and play around with your personalised animation, promoting the artist in you.
Our Kit
Hardware Specs
Choko is a carefully designed and engineered development kit, which can be easily assembled.

Lazer Cut Enclosure
8x8 LED Matrix
Custom Pinted Circuit Board, with ESP8266
Lithium Polymer Battery
Standard 3mm long screws to assemble the kit.
IoT Cloud Subscription
How Does it Work?
Here's a quick guide on how to assemble Choko and get started.
What you get
Workshop completion certificate from DIC, University of Delhi.
Free Goodies
Awesome Stickers for your laptop + the lunch is on us.
Choko Kit
Build and assemble your own table top IoT device.
Knowledge and Experience
You'll be thorough with the concepts of Electronics and IoT.
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About Us
Choko has been developed and designed by a group of individuals who are makers at heart. We aim to inspire and help curious minds about the latest technologies by practical learning & hands-on session.
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